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About Basic Design

Basic sites contain web pages with fixed content and no animation. Each page displays the same information to every visitor. These static sites are the most basic type of website and are the easiest to maintain at the code level. Unlike dynamic websites which are generated by a web application, static sites do not require any web programming or database design.

Basic web pages are suitable for content that only occasionally needs to be updated. Without dynamic resource demands and animated page movement, a basic site’s static pages are considerably lighter and quicker to load. They can be developed more quickly and are less expensive to host.

For all these reasons, Dexign recommends Basic sites for clients wishing to present content in a simple, informational way, without the slowdowns associated with dynamic page rendering. FastTrack® basic sites offer this functionality and include HTML5/CSS3 codebase. Design model and license are included on all Pro and Lite series packages.

679.00FastTrack Pro

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Pro Site, BasicPro Site, Basic

Full Price. FastTrack® Pro series. Static CSS3 for faster page loading. Design model included.

Terms and Conditions

379.00FastTrack Lite

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Lite Site, BasicLite Site, Basic

Full Price. FastTrack® Lite series.* Static CSS3 for faster page loading. Design model included.

Terms and Conditions

(*) FastTrack Lite packages do not include structural modifications to the prototyped design. Client accepts existing staged structure and presentation of the design. Only client images, text, logos, branding, navigation and informational content is added. FastTrack Pro packages carry none of these limitations.  Read more